Google Maps Group Planning

It’s not easy to decide on a restaurant. Most of the times, friends go round and round but ultimately end up not going anywhere at all. Well, Google plans to make it much easier for you.

Google Maps is adding a group planning feature to cut short on the to-and-fro messages about plans. Now you can make a shortlist of places and share it with your friends, and everyone can vote on the top choice to make your plan work.

The group planning feature was announced at Google I/O, back in May. Now, the friendly feature (hehe!) is finally releasing for Android and iOS users by this week, according to a Google blog post.

How to use Maps Group Planning Feature?

  1. Open Google Maps.
  2. Long Press on the place, drag-and-drop to the floating bubble on the right side of the screen.
  3. After adding a few places, tap on the shortlist.
  4. Now tap on the Share button at the top, and share with any messaging platform.
  5. Ask your friends to tap on the link.
  6. The device will open Google Maps your friends can vote for the best place to visit.

Apparently, your friends can also remove or add the places which you have added to your shortlist. It might get a little problematic as it can possibly change the point of argument altogether.

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