Google Maps Adds Toll Calculator To Tell You The Cheapest Route

Google Maps
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Google Maps has become so necessary in our lives that it is impossible to remember how we got around before it. From seeing how long a trip will take to scouting destinations, Google Maps has come a long way since its release in 2005.

With new tweaks and updates being added regularly, the application is a holy grail regarding directions. However, the one thing it missed was tolls since it couldn’t tell how much a toll would cost, but now that is changing.

Google Maps toll calculator

Last year, news sources reported that Maps was working on gathering detailed toll data, and the company formally announced the feature months later. In April 2022, Google said that tolls would start appearing for users, but it is only recently that they are being integrated into the application.

Users can now pick options during their journey. You can select options to avoid ferries, tolls, and highways and even see the toll pass prices. To tackle the rising gas prices, Google Maps also offers the choice of ‘fuel-efficient routes.’

The feature will first roll out in Indonesia, India, the US, and Japan, and more countries will follow soon. Similarly, the tolls feature is now limited to iOS and Android devices, and it is unclear whether Google will incorporate it in Maps on the web.

Although the feature sounds promising, it comes with a catch. Maps don’t show tolls for individual roads but the complete route. The figures on Google Maps are ‘estimates based on toll pass rates,’ meaning that if you pay cash or drive a vehicle with extra axles (truck, trailer, etc.), you may have to pay more.

Other new features

Google Maps is going one step further by adding stop signs and traffic lights to avoid the stress of driving on foreign roads. Users will also see building outlines, shapes, and the width of a road. The brand new pinned trip widget will let you quickly access trips you have pinned in your Go Tab from your home screen.

All of these features are extremely exciting and will undoubtedly make traveling easier. But, for now, all we can do is wait for these features’ official and complete launch.

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