Google Made Hefty Donations To Anti-Climatic Change Groups


As part of a new revelation, it is suggested that Google makes heavy donations to groups that are under the impression that no climatic change occurs. This comes as a shocker for many as Google works under the garb of environmentally-friendly practices, which contradicts the Mountain View company’s claims.

Google’s donations to anti-climate change groups

According to a report by The Guardian, Google donates to various companies, and among the list, there are various anti-climatic change organizations.

The list is found on the tech giant’s website and includes more than a dozen groups that are against the rules for environmental protection and in constant denial of climatic changes. The most prominent group in the list is the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI).

For those who don’t know, CEI is a conservative policy group that played a crucial role in convincing the Trump government to let go of the various environmental laws and drop the Paris climate agreement.

The Paris climate agreement aims to lower down greenhouse gas emissions to further prevent the environment from global warming.

CEI has favored Google in the anti-trust investigation against the tech giant, which acts as a return favor.

In addition to this, Google is one of the sponsors for the State Policy Network’s (SPN) upcoming event. SPN includes groups such as the Heartrate Institute, which has rebuked popular activist Greta Thunberg for “climate illusion hysterics.”

Other such SPN groups are the American Conservative Union, the Cato Institute, the Mercatus Center, the Heritage Foundation and Heritage Action.

Google’s response to this

Google has suggested that even though it acts as a contributor to such climate denier groups, it doesn’t mean it supports the groups fully.

A Google spokesperson said: “It sponsored organizations from across the political spectrum that advocate for strong technology policies.”

Google further tries to defend itself by suggesting that other tech companies, such as Amazon, also donate to CEI.

Google being a donor to anti-climatic change groups, makes it a hypocrite as Google publicly claims to work for a sustainable environment and uses renewable energy for its operations.

This revelation could turn many against Google as it portrays itself as an eco-friendly and user-friendly company but is trying to support groups that never think we should live in a happy and safe world.

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