Google Loves You Mom! Internet Made Simple for Your Mother!

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google-india-momsShort Bytes: Google India has launched a campaign called “Get your mothers online” to liberate the biases and join them in its internet family. Google has released a touching video as a part of a new ad campaign called “Get your mothers online.”

49% of the women in India (age group of 8-55) do not see any reason to access the internet, according to a recently conducted survey by Google titled “Women & Technology”. Daily chores, lack of privacy, fear of in-laws were some of the reasons cited for not going online. Google wants to liberate them of their biases and onboard them on the internet family.

Google has come up with an ad campaign, “Get your mothers online”. Created along the lines of the emotional bond we all share with our mother, the video unfolds the memories of a successful woman reliving her school days on hearing a school bell (watch the video below).

She goes over the story of her first day at school, her first learning experience and how her mom supported her through that. And now she understands how her mother would be feeling, while she turns her laptop ON, for the first time.

As a Google Initiative, website has also been launched with a step-by-step guide to help you use the Internet. From how to use a computer to sending an email, it covers all basics to get you started.

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This ad developed by Lowe Lintas Delhi, along with Google India, takes forward the #TogetherOnline initiative to empower women in India with the knowledge of Internet. It explains the fear of doing something new for the first time and how we can help our parents overcome that. And what google wants from us, the tech-savvy audience, to take this as a duty towards our moms, just like the female protagonist in the advertisement.

Take a look at the video and share your views:

Vedant Sao

Vedant Sao

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