Google Launches ‘Gallery Go’ App For Those Without Internet


For the plethora of its apps, Google has also released its toned-down versions in the past to allow more people to use them. Adding to the list, Google has now announced an offline variant of Google Photos called Gallery Go.

Announced at the Google For Nigeria event, the Gallery Go app is a stripped-down variant of Google Photos, coming with AI capabilities.

Gallery Go By Google

The app (which is just 10MB in size) uses machine learning to bring about an easy experience for users, especially the ones who are still getting a hang of smartphones. 

The app will organize a user’s photos and videos into various categories such as the selfies taken, or the various kinds of food tried, and more — allowing users to use the app with convenience.

The convenience of the app extends to the easy finding of the photos and videos of a user. Additionally, users will be able to edit photos and videos using the Gallery Go app, much like on Google Photos.

Gallery Go is available to all Android users (via the Google Play) globally for Android smartphones running Android 8.1 Oreo and more. Sadly, it isn’t available for iOS users.

When I installed the app on my phone, it wasn’t showing images synced via Google Photos. For that, the app suggests that you should open the regular Google Photos app.

The app only shows those photos that are stored on your phone irrespective of the fact whether they’re backed up or not. Also, this app shows everything in chronological order which means the useless photos download from WhatsApp and other apps also show up in the same list which is very annoying.

Purpose of Gallery Go

Gallery Go is Google’s another watered-down baby, meant specifically for users in developing countries where internet connectivity and lower space on a budget smartphone is still a problem. The small app will occupy less space on a user’s smartphone and will work more than fine.

In addition to this, the Gallery Go app will come pre-installed on the itel S15 and A55 smartphones for users in Nigeria, starting next month.

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