Google Just Made Chrome Browser a Lot Faster By Reducing RAM Usage


google_chrome_fasterShort Bytes: Google is bringing lots of improvements in Google Chrome 45. These changes will reduce the RAM usage, improve speed and increase battery life. Read more to know all the changes.

In its blog post, Google writes, “speed is one of the founding principles of Chrome.” In its early days, Chrome users loved the browser as it was one of those browsers that used less RAM. After facing much flak due to its PC killing nature in the later years, Google is planning to give some relief to its users by cutting the RAM usage and making Chrome much faster and efficient. 

Chrome 45 includes lots of updates that focus on making Chrome the most beloved browser of the users by bringing lots of changes. In Chrome 45, when you restart the browser and Chrome restores your tabs, it will re-open those tabs that you open the most. This will enable you to get back to work faster.

As a part of new improvements, Chrome will now detect if your computer is running low on resources and will put an end to restoring tabs to save your RAM. However, to restore these tabs, you can always click on these to restore them.

These under-the-hood upgrades reduce the RAM usage and improve the battery life. Mostly, these updates will affect the power users who open lots of tabs at a single time. These multiple tabs issue was addressed in extensions like The Great Suspender. Google says in its blog: “Chrome can now detect when a webpage isn’t busy with some other task, and use the free time to aggressively clean up old, unused memory.”  In Chrome, this reduces website RAM usage about 10% on an average and with Gmail, we can free up about a quarter of the RAM.

To improve the power usage, back in June, Chrome announced that it’s pausing Flash content and in another recent update, it blocked the Flash ads. This improved the battery performance up to 15%, depending upon the OS.

Google writes in its blog: “This latest version of Chrome includes the most recent wave of performance updates, but there’s much more in the works for upcoming versions of Chrome.”

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