Google Joins OpenStack Foundation to Promote Open Source Technologies


In the search for the next big thing, Google on July 16, announced that it has become a corporate sponsor of the OpenStack Foundation. Google is working closely with the other members of the OpenStack community to bring its expertise in containers and container management to OpenStack while sharing its work with innovative open source projects like Kubernetes.

The OpenStack Foundation was established in 2011, to help develop an open source platform for everyone. The main theme of this initiative was to get away from the control of any one IT vendor, such as Rackspace.

With Google committing unequaled container and container management engineering expertise to our community, the deployment of containers via proven orchestration engines like Kubernetes will accelerate rapidlyOpenStack COO Mark Collier

The relationship of Google and OpenStack Foundation consolidates the importance of the hybrid cloud. If Google and the OpenStack Foundation can guarantee that containers run well when they are managed on OpenStack, it will better appeal to companies that want to combine legacy virtualized and non-virtualized applications as well as state-of-the-art container applications from a sole dashboard.

If you’re just starting out with OpenStack Foundation, here’s some background on the new alliance. The two organizations have already paired up on previous projects including application catalog Murano and the API service for container orchestration, Magnum.

Google is also participating in upcoming OpenStack Silicon Valley event, August 26-27, 2015. They will be presenting “how-to” sessions and deep dives into container technology.

The search giant becomes a member of the OpenStack family already brimming with major corporate sponsors, including Alcatel-Lucent, Citrix, Comcast, Cray, GoDaddy, Fujitsu, Oracle, SAP, Nokia and the Linux Foundation.

This is really a relaxing news after David Laube VP, Packet Bare Metal Platform posted about ditching OpenStack, which went viral on Hacker News with 113 upvotes and 57 comments.

Share your views about this new partnership between Google and OpenStack foundation.

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