Google Is Killing Location-Based Reminders On Assistant

Google sheds location-based reminders and assigned reminders features from Assistant!

Google Is Killing Location-based Reminders On Assistant
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Google is scrapping another useful Google Assistant feature that was a lifesaver for setting voice reminders. Google will remove the location-based reminders feature in the coming weeks/months, which is unclear. In addition, it will also remove the feature of adding assignable reminders.

Google’s official support page for these features showcases that the features will soon wither away. Surprisingly, the option is only vanishing away from Google assistant. You can still add assignable reminders in Google Chat and Gmail.

Why did Google remove Location-based reminders?

Location-based reminders are a helpful addition for users to remind them of a specific task at a location. It could be shopping, a visit, or any outdoor chore/activity. Google will trigger the reminder once you reach the location. The current support document for this feature reads:

Important: The option to create reminders for a certain location is going away soon. You can still create reminders at a certain time and set routines for a location.” The support page offers an alternative to using routines in place of the location-based reminders feature.

A Reddit thread describes the experience of users who have tried the location-based reminders feature before. It was an unpleasant experience for many users who shared that the feature was moderately helpful. This might be the reason for Google removing the feature from the Assistant.

location-based reminders
Image: Google

Another plausible theory is that Google will soon launch the “Memory” update for the Assistant. It would bring a major overhaul to saving and finding everything in one place. Alongside the location-based reminders feature, Google is also removing assignable reminders. This feature allows the users to assign tasks to users, avoiding unnecessary confusion. Despite it being a useful feature, Google is removing it. The supporting document states that it will still be available in Gmail and Chat.

Android Police reported that the Google warning wasn’t displayed to their editor-in-chief, who lives in Canada. This sparked some speculation about the feature being removed from the US only. Do you use the location-based reminders feature? Have you spotted any warnings about the feature? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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