Google Inc Vs. WSJ: Google Fires Back With Facts and GIFs

Image: TechNewsToday
Image: TechNewsToday

Two weeks ago, an article was published in the Wall Street Journal telling how Google biased its search results to give an edge to its own services. In a Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) report from 2012, it was recommended that Google should be sued because it incorporated unhealthy business practices.

In another recent development, in a statement released by FTC, it lashed out against the WSJ reports that suggested “a number of misleading inferences and suggestions about the integrity of the FTC’s investigation.”

Google, the search engine giant, decided to fire back at the WSJ reporting that make the internet company look like a bad guy. Earlier Google said that after an exhaustive review and testimony, FTC didn’t find any need to take action against their search algorithm.

But, Google didn’t stop there. In an official blog post, Google decided to use facts and more importantly GIFs to answer the media publication house. Yes, you read it correct. GIFs, people!

First GIF used by Google in its statement to laugh over the allegations.

Google writes:

WSJ accused Google of creating a less informed, more vexatious level of dialogue in our society. Given the tone of some of your publications, that made quite a few people chuckle.

Google writes that WSJ forgot to mention that FTC recently mentioned that the FTC’s decisions to give a clean chit to Google were in accordance with recommendations made by FTC Bureau of Competition, Office of General Counsel and Bureau of Economics. WSJ wrote that since Barack Obama took office, Google employees have visited White House about 230 times whereas rival Comcast Corp.’s employees visited 230 times. Google was found again presenting facts and figures that during the same time frame, Microsoft visited White House 270 times and Comcast 150 times. The Google meetings were not to discuss the antitrust investigation, whereas they were arranged to discuss issues, Internet censorship, STEM education, R&Dm security, energy, YouTube interviews with President and other concerns.

The internet company mentioned that apart from FTC, The Ohio and Texas Attorney General closed their investigations into Google in 2014, and, Brazilian and Germa courts too found no flaw in Google’s algorithms.

In the end, Google chuckled over WSJ’s appreciation for the European regulatory process and concluded the statement again with a GIF :D

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 It’s high time to take sides? Google or The Wall Street Journal?
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