Inbox by gmail is shutting down

After months of the noticeable slow progress of Inbox, Google has decided to shut down the Inbox project altogether. The Inbox by Gmail is going off the air by March 2019 so fans have about less than 7 months to move over to the everlasting Gmail.

Inbox was initially launched in 2014 as an experiment from Google where it brought new features like bundling emails and the exciting AI features like Smart Reply, Nudges and high-priority notifications.

I am personally a fan of the bundled feature which showcases categories of emails, especially where email spamming is so prevalent in the digital age.

All things considered, this move from Google isn’t a surprise to any of us. Previously, Google has added many Inbox features to Gmail. And long overdue updates provided enough evidence that Inbox would be ending anyway soon.

However, Gmail still doesn’t have many of those cool features from the Inbox app like pinning emails and I hope they would ultimately arrive on Gmail. Nevertheless, it’s good to see Google focusing on a single e-mail platform.

This brings in a lot of possible improvements in the Gmail. Like we might see some AI features in the future. For now, if you face any difficulties transitioning over to Gmail, you check out this Google guide to know more.

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