Google Forms Gets New Fonts In A Long Overdue Refresh

Give your questionnaire a personal touch!

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Google Forms Gets New Fonts In A Long Overdue Refresh
Image Credit: Google

People use Google Forms to create online forms and conduct surveys with different question types. Whether a workspace or for personal use, Google Forms has always come in handy to form a questionnaire for the masses.

Google Forms also allows you to create and analyze survey data from your web browser or mobile device. However, a much-needed layout overhaul for customizations in google Forms was needed.

Experience a wide variety of fonts in Google Forms

Google Forms Gets New Fonts In A Long Overdue Refresh
Image Credit: Google

Google, in a blog, mentioned the new formatting abilities you can perform in Google Forms. Firstly, The company is adding many additional font styles and sizing options in the toolbar. You can now select from the extended variety of font styles to make your questionnaire unique.

Users now can customize the header, subheader, and body text separately in a form. You’ll now be able to give a design to the questions and a completely different one to the options below.

Earlier Google Forms offered limited customization options. However, You can now use the theme option to upload a header image and change the theme color, background color, and fonts. You can choose a color for your form and add your photo as a theme.

Although with limited customization Google forms served the purpose gracefully. Organizations, freelancers, and students have been using it to conduct surveys and generate helpful data sets for better productivity.

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Lastly, With these new Formatting options, end-users will be highly impacted. According to the blog post, this is a highly requested feature that allows you to change the whole look and feel of your form.

How to Change the color, theme, or header of the image?

  1. Go to Google Forms and then proceed to open a form
  2. Click on the customize theme button
  3. You can now choose a theme color and background color for your form under “color.”
    • Clicking on Add custom colour+ will let you add a custom color
    • To add your photo as a theme under the header, click on “choose image.”
  4. Click close

How to choose a different font?

  1. Go to Google Forms, open a new form
  2. Click on the customize theme button
  3. Under “text,” you can change the font style for headers, questions, and text.
  4. You can also choose the text style you want to edit and then change the font and size.
  5. Click close

What do you think about the new customization options? Comment down below.

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