Play Emoji Scavenger Hunt On Your Phone: Google’s Latest AI-based Fun Game


Time and again, Google has released fun little games for us, and this time it is back with another entertaining game that is based on artificial intelligence and emoji.

The new game called Emoji Scavenger Hunt challenges you to find and take pictures of real versions of your favorite emojis. To advance further in the game, you must click photos of all the emoticons that are displayed on the screen.

Emoji Scavenger Hunt can be played on any phone and is powered by machine learning that helps in identifying the images of real-world objects and match them with the emoji on screen.

To play this exciting game, just enter in your phone’s browser and tap on ‘Let’s Play.’ There is a time limit to find each object, and every successful match refreshes the time limit.

The difficulty level of the game may vary as you progress further in the game. Also, it’s a simple and free web game so the image recognition may not be on point each time.

While playing the game, I noticed that it refuses to accept the matching object at times even if the camera is close enough and the object is well focused. But then again, it’s just Google’s experimental game to test its AI features.

With the Google I/O developer conference just around the corner, we can expect big announcements for AI and this game can just be a teaser of what’s coming next!

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Manisha Priyadarshini

Manisha Priyadarshini

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