Google Duplex Assistant Arrives On iPhones And Most Android Phones


Most of you might remember the debut of Google Duplex Assistant at the company’s I/O developer conference in 2018. The extent to which Google’s digital assistant sounded like a real human was unreal. Millions of customer service representatives around the world witnessed their job security go down the drain.

At the Demo, Google claimed its digital assistant to be a Pixel 3 exclusive. However, it has been confirmed that Google Duplex will be a feature on iOS and all Android devices running Lollipop or above in the U.S.

Google Duplex Assistant: Prototype to Product

Google Duplex Assistant Capability

Pixel 3 owners in 43 U.S. states have already been giving their feedback and reporting bugs. Now iOS and the rest of Android users will get a chance to use it. The digital assistant is limited to placing restaurant reservations at the moment.

Duplex Assistant is compatible with restaurants with no online presence. It will work with ‘Reserve With Google‘ service, which includes a series of dining apps.

To avoid uneasiness, restaurant owners will be informed that the call is from Google before the conversation begins. Businesses can also choose to opt out of automated calls accordingly.

The call from the Google Duplex assistant will require the ‘number of attendees’ and ‘time’ and from the user to confirm their reservation. Assistant will utilize any of the Google reservation apps.

If the restaurant lacks any important information, the duplex assistant will update it, Google claims.

With this kind of initial capability, Google Assistant will also be making hair appointments in no time. It was also one of the features showcased during its Demo last year.

When Is The Roll Out?

Google Duplex Assistant Update

There is no confirmed date for the availability of Google Duplex assistant on other devices besides Pixel 3. Google is first trying to launch a Duplex assistant in all 50 U.S. states before moving onto other devices.

Users will have to install the Google Assistant app to make use of the Duplex after they receive the update. We’ll keep you posted to let you know when the rollout starts.

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