Google Shutting Down Android Driving Mode: Here Are Some Alternatives

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Google is decommissioning another app that was supposed to simplify driving for many users. The app’s name is Android Driving Mode which offers quick access to useful shortcuts while you’re on the road. Adding these shortcuts makes it easier to access features without shutting down navigation and searching for the app on your phone.

9to5google reported that Google will shut the Android Driving mode app down on 21 November 2022, exactly 40 days from now. If you regularly use the Driving mode app, it is time to look for alternatives.

Why did Google decommission Android Driving mode app?

Google launched Android Driving mode to allow users to have an interactive dashboard while driving. It is extremely beneficial for users who do not have a digital navigation hub with Android Auto support. The most useful feature was voice commands support which you could use to start the app. But don’t be disappointed. Google Maps has already had a driving mode for years now. You can use that instead. If you own an Android device, Google Maps is the default maps app on your device.

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The primary reason behind Google scrapping the app is that it never piqued the interest of users. The maps app already has driving mode features inbuilt into it for handling calls and notifications. Android Driving mode app was just a separate app that made interacting with other features easier. However, Google launched it in 2019, and it seems a little too early to scrap the feature.

There are multiple third-party apps available on Play Store, which would fill in quite perfectly for Android Driving mode.

  • AutoZen – AutoZen is a driving mode app that has far better reviews than most alternatives. It supports multiple apps, and the tabbed interface makes it easy to access other shortcuts while driving.
  • AutoMate – AutoMate offers a similar tabbed interface but has an outdated UI. It also adopts the same tabbed interface approach with a few kinks in the app integration.
  • Drivemode – Drivemode adds overlays on top of your Google Maps app. So, you don’t have to switch to another map provider and can use gesture controls to access different apps.
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