Google Drive For Desktop Launched: Bye Bye Backup And Sync

Google Drive finally goes PC-friendly

Google Drive for Desktop
Image: Google

Google is rolling out Google Drive for desktop, and it finally streamlines the Google Drive experience between your phone and computer. This new client will let you sync photos and videos to Google Drive or Photos right from your PC.

Drive for Desktop is an app that’ll run on Windows and macOS. You can store files on the cloud, access them on your Mac or PC, and save them right back on the cloud. In a nutshell, Google Drive for desktop will add a few more gigabytes to your desktop.

Bye Bye Backup And Sync

Before Google Drive Desktop app, the same things could be done using Backup and Sync from Google. While this was a personal solution, business needs were handled by Drive File Stream. These two systems never made much sense, since Google should’ve always gone for a simple app to place Google Drive on PC and Mac.

Now, the company has made the necessary call and launched a Google Drive desktop client. Having this app will make it easier for you to move your external hard disks and flash drives to the cloud. You can also mirror files to your PC and make them available offline for quicker access.

Google says it’ll be rolling out new features for the app. Backup And Sync users will be prompted to switch to the new Drive app for desktop, and Google plans to get the moving done by September 2021.

If you’re using a Mac and don’t want to get expensive iCloud storage, Google’s new app makes for a promising alternative. The uptime for Google Drive and iCloud should also be at par since iCloud is Google Drive that you buy from Apple.

Manik Berry

Manik Berry

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