The Latest Google Docs Update Packs A Super Handy Collaboration Feature

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Google Docs Enterprise update will make collaboration better. This update allows the admins to assign checklists in Google Docs. These checklists will appear to the assignee as a Google Tasks list. Google introduced checklists last year and is now adding more features to it.

Once you add a checklist in Google Docs, you can assign it as a task to any team member. Just hover over the checklist and you will see the option to assign the checklist to any member. The name input box doubles up as a search bar and will search for the name from the available list of members.

What more can you do in Google Docs?

Apart from assigning the task, you can add a due date and time to the task. It will then sync to Google Tasks and will appear in Google Tasks with a link to the document. The member can then begin working on it and complete it within the stipulated time. Integration of Tasks with Docs makes it easier to find all your tasks related to various documents in one place.

Make note that the new checklist sync feature is only available to Google Workspace customers, as well as legacy G Suite Basic and Business customers. It is inaccessible to Doc users with personal accounts. Google Tasks must be turned ON for members of the team to manage their assigned items in Tasks. Moreover, edit access must be given to all members before you can assign a task via a checklist.

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The new feature rollout begins on 17 August in a phased manner. It may take up to 15 days for feature visibility in your Google Docs account. Google is rapidly making changes to apps like maps and has relaunched Street View in India with the help of third-party collaborators.

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