Google Dart Won’t Be Replacing JavaScript as THE Language of the Web



Google has ditched its earlier plans to import Dart to its Chrome browser. Dart is a programming language designed to eventually grow and become the evolved replacement of JavaScript. Google has said that it will focus on enhancing the capabilities of compiling Dart to JavaScript.

When Google Dart was launched, it was criticized and backed by statements like “it’s introduced by Google to take over the web and replace JavaScript.” JavaScript supports the ideology of the open web and the general set of the language works just fine on all web browsers. Google was lashed out for trying to make a language that runs perfectly on Google Chrome but doesn’t perform good enough on Firefox, IE or Safari.

Dart’s co-founders Lars Bak and Kasper Lund wrote on the Dart blog:

In order to do what’s best for our users and the web, and not just Google Chrome, we will focus our web efforts on compiling Dart to JavaScript. We have decided not to integrate the Dart VM into Chrome. Our new web strategy puts us on a path to deliver the features our users need to be more productive building web apps with Dart. It also simplifies the testing and deployment scenarios for our developers, because they can focus on a single way to build, test, and deploy their Dart apps for the web.

Dart has features like mixins, method cascades, a rich core library, factory constructors, named parameters, ansync/await and a lot more.

But this isn’t the end of Google Dart. In the past, Google has killed many prospering projects. This announcement looks like opening up new paths for Google. Google’s biggest customer is Google Ads (AdSense and AdWords), which will be using Dart in future.

Google Dart is more than a programming language. Instead, it is a platform with capabilities like developer tools and libraries. It also functions like Node.js for server applications and real-time networking.

Now it is reaffirmed that JavaScript REMAINS the language of the web.

According to you, is JavaScript the language of the web? Tell us in comments below!

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Adarsh Verma

Adarsh Verma

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