Google Could Remove ADB Backup And Restore Option From Android


According to a recent commit in the Android Open Source Project, Google could remove the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) backup and restore option from future Android versions. The command-line based utility tool is part of the Android SDK package and allows users to backup and restore the complete data of a device without rooting.

As spotted by an XDA recognized developer, the commit titled “Add deprecation warning to adb backup/restore.” has been added to the AOSP. This commit means that whenever a user uses the ADB option, a warning will be displayed. This indicates that Google could remove the ADB backup and restore option from the future Android versions.

ADB Backup and restore
XDA developer

Other than offering the option to backup and restore the device, ADB command-line utility tool also facilitates other actions like installing and debugging apps and providing access to a Unix shell to run different commands on a device.

If Google is planning to remove the ADB backup and restore option in the future versions of Android, it might be an issue for those who use this free tool to save a backup of their device. They’ll have to switch to third-party apps or use the built-in Android backup tool that doesn’t allow saving backups of all apps and settings.

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