Google Code-in Starting Today – A 7 Weeks Coding Bootcamp For Pre-university Kids


google-code-inShort Bytes: Google Code-in is a 7-week coding bootcamp in which pre-university students can get a chance to learn and develop new CS skills. Students can pick real-world task created by 14 open source organization and work on with mentors to help answer questions along the way.

Google just announced its 6th Code-in bootcamp starting from today for pre-university students (ages 13-17) to help them develop their CS skill by letting them work on real world tasks created by 14 Open Source Organizations. Students from these 14 organizations can work with during the contest encompass many fields: health care for developing countries, learning activities for elementary students, desktop and portable computing, the encouragement of young women in computer science, game development, to operating systems used in satellites and robots.

All the students will be working with these 14 organizations with mentors assigned to them to help them out during that period. Students can choose to work on projects across documentation, coding, training, research, quality assurance, user interface and outreach tasks.

Each organization also offers beginner tasks that give students who are newer to open source development an easy and clear place to get started. Another goal of the contest is to encourage students to find a coding community that they enjoy working with and hopefully become an active contributor for years to come.

These 14 organizations are selected based on prior mentoring experience gained in Google Summer of Code. This year’s selected organizations are Apertium, Copyleft Games Group, Drupal, FOSSASIA, Haiku, KDE, MetaBrainz, OpenMRS, RTEMS, SCoRe, Sugar Labs, Systers, Ubuntu, and Wikimedia Foundation.

To learn more about Google Code-in— including rules and FAQs—please visit the site and the Getting Started Guide.

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