An Important “Chrome Feature” That Google Isn’t Launching

Google Chrome Profile Management

Google Chrome comes with many nifty features that can improve your web browsing experience. One of them is the ability to create a Chrome profile on your device so that multiple people can use the same browser without getting their data mixed up. Still, there is one crucial thing missing in the picture: The chrome profile password.

We can’t ignore the importance of passwords in today’s time. And not having one on your Chrome profile means anyone using your PC can check out your bookmarks and browsing history without giving much effort.

Why is there a need for Chrome Profile Password?

Now, to some people, the idea of having a Chrome profile might seem like just having a separate digital space in the browser. But there is more to it. Many people link their Google accounts with their Chrome profiles. This also brings all of their account passwords to the browser.

Google Chrome Manage Profiles

Thanks to the implementation done by Google, anyone who knows the password of your PC can easily access all your account credentials for websites. It could be Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, or any other service you have saved to the Chrome autofill.

After entering the PC’s password or PIN, all the account passwords can be displayed in plain text and ready to be misused. In fact, people can sign in to your account even without typing a password in many cases. This could be big trouble for those who use a shared machine. Thus, the need for Chrome profile passwords is more than ever.

As far as the Passwords page is concerned, Google should change the way it authenticates the user. It should either take the Google account password or ask the user to verify via 2FA.

What can I do right now to put a password on Chrome?

Nothing. Right now, there is no feasible workaround that you can use to secure your Chrome profile. Google has removed a supervised users feature that people can use to add a child lock to a Chrome profile.

What you can do is maintain a separate user account on your Windows, macOS, or Linux PC if you want to keep your Chrome profile inaccessible to other people. If not, you can also use a physical security key to authenticate via Windows Hello. That’s pretty much all of it.

What are your thoughts on Google Chrome profiles? Drop your thoughts in the comments below.

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