Google Adds New Features To Chrome On Android Tablets But Leaves A Big One

No announcement for Extensions support!

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Chrome is getting a facelift for Android tablets. Google is trying to improve the web experience on large-screen devices and is also planning to launch a tablet next year. While it is too soon to say anything about the Pixel tablet, Google is bundling some new chrome features that will improve your web surfing experience.

You can now cycle through multiple open tabs easily on tablets, just like you do on the desktop app. The small tab icon isn’t there anymore, and you can tap to access another tab. When you open too many tabs, it becomes harder to click the close button on each tab. Since the close button becomes smaller, Chrome will automatically hide the close button to prevent accidental closure while selecting an open tab.

Grid view in Chrome for tablets

Chrome for Android tablets will also offer a grid view for those who hate the tab design. The grid view will offer a quick glance at the open page. Grid view will be a lot easier to access and get into or out of any tab. Just swipe from the bottom to enter the grid view for tabs in Chrome. If you use the split-screen mode very often, you can drag items from Chrome to that app. You can drop them into another app like Gmail, Photos, or Keep. It will support sharable content such as images, text, and links.

Chrome for tablets
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Tablets offer a bigger screen space making it easier to view websites in their full glory. While the Android app does offer desktop mode, the websites still look weird due to the small screen space. Chrome will offer desktop mode for Android tablets so that you can decide the version you want to view. If you don’t like the default design for tablets, you can just hop into settings and switch to desktop mode.

Google shared that you would soon be able to group tabs on Chrome for Android tablets. This functionality is present in the desktop version of the browser, making it easier to group a bunch of related tabs. Google didn’t announce details of when the grouping tabs feature and extensions will come to Android tablets. Extensions could change the way you use Chrome on a handheld device. So, update your Chrome browser for Android tablets via the Play Store to get all these new features.

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