Google CEO’s Internal Email To Fight Leaks Got Leaked Online

Google CEO Sundar Pichai 2019
Image: Sundar Pichai with Finnish Prime Minister Annti Rinne (via Flickr)

One of the problems that Google is trying to fix under its roof is the unprecedented amount of leaks. It’s suggested that many times important stuff discussed at events such as the company’s weekly TGIF meetings doesn’t take much time to reach the outside world.

As per reports, Google even fired an employee who shared details of other employees with the media. To make the crackdown process more efficient, the company has already set up a dedicated email address for employees to report about incidents of leakages.

Now, Google chief himself has addressed the issue via an internal email sent to the employees. But apparently that email also got leaked online and was obtained by The Verge (via Gizmodo).

“We’re unfortunately seeing a coordinated effort to share our conversations outside of the company after every TGIF,” he wrote in the email.

However, this is not the first time Pichai has expressed concerns over the leaks. The company has been dealing with the issue for the last few years now.

Google has made some changes, and the TGIF will now happen once a month with a “focus on product and business strategy.” Although, the regular social TGIFs will continue to happen to discuss important work problems.

Pichai acknowledged that the company has blown up in size, and that has allowed them to come up with some breakthrough technologies. Surely, that is one thing that can’t be denied by anyone. However, around 25% of Google’s workforce attends the weekly TGIF meetings, in comparison to 80% almost a decade ago.

The gigantic size makes it difficult for the company to hold meetings. According to Pichai, it is a workaround until they find “new ways to communicate at scale to a global company of 100,000+ people across multiple timezones.”

It’s high time for Google to crack down on leaks happening every now and then. Much of that happens because of the controversial events taking place inside the company after all.

For instance, employees protesting against Google working with the Department of Defense, humans listening to voice recordings collected by Google Assistant, or the mass employee walkout over sexual misconduct.

Not just the TGIFs, it’s hard to believe how the company manages to spill every single detail of the Pixel phones before launch every year.

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