Google Bridges Android-Chromebook Gap Even Further

An attempt to rival the Apple's ecosystem?

Image: Google

Google said in a blog post that it is introducing certain features to Chrome OS that aim to improve the overall collaboration experience between Chromebook and Android devices to cover the advantages gap that Apple’s ecosystem offers.

The list of Android Chromebook features begins with an ‘upgraded Phone Hub,’ which lets users retrieve and access photos taken from their phone with the new “recent photos” carousel. The user will also be able to access the pictures in offline mode.

Thus, the feature will eliminate the requirement of rummaging through the device dashboard or sharing pictures through different means such as emails.

The next notable upgrade is Nearby Share. The peer-to-peer file-sharing system will let users instantly share data files between Chrome OS devices and phones. Nearby Share also allows users to share a Wi-Fi network with competitive security without going through the stress of password sharing.

To use the feature, follow the steps on your Android device: Go to settings > Network & Internet > Internet > click on connected Wi-Fi network.

nearby share
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Once on the Network details page, click the share button with the QR code icon and choose the Nearby button, which appears at the screen bottom of the share Wi-Fi page.

You will notice a prompt in the Chrome OS device. Accepting the request will share the network credentials with Chromebook with complete privacy and security.

Chrome Browser to get an Upgrade

Chromebook will get the Fast Pair feature this year as the users will save the effort of picky Bluetooth pairing. Turning Bluetooth on the Chrome OS device will automatically display a notification about a nearby device. You will only have to tap the notifications to start the pairing process.

The Fast pair pairing details will be saved on the Google account, thus promising quick pairing with the devices across Chromebooks and Phones with the same account logged in.

Chrome Browser will also get an upgrade on iOS. It will introduce the new Enhanced Safe Browsing feature for iPad and iPhone users. It will warn the users if they are about to visit a suspicious page and notify them if their credentials can be potentially compromised elsewhere.

So, what do you think about these Android Chromebook features? Drop your thoughts in the comments.



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