How Google Broke Through China’s Great Firewall, But Only For 105 Minutes


google banned in china unbanShort Bytes: Earlier this week, Google was able to bypass China’s Great Firewall. This breach lasted only for 105 minutes and Chinese authorities were able to block the new Google IPs that were added in South Asian data centers. As a result, most Google services like Gmail, Google search, YouTube remain blocked in China.

Google is banned in China and the communist country has no plans to allow the search engine in its territory. It’s also seen as Chinese leaders’ biggest attempt to curb free speech in the country. But, something unusual happened on the night between Sunday and Monday.

After a long period of nine years’ censorship, Chinese users were able to visit Google search, YouTube, Gmail etc. At about 11.30pm, people started posting online updates saying that they were able to access Google’s services through,,,

However, this didn’t last long as the website and its domains were again banned in less than two hours.

As soon as people came to know about this unusual activity, the news spread like wildfire in Chinese media and social networks. People quickly jumped on the conclusion that Chinese government has decided to change its policies, only to be disappointed a couple of hours later.

Google broke China’s Great Firewall — Thanks to a few new servers

The reason behind this activity was the fact that Google added some local servers –vn\jp\uk\in\ar\es\pk\sa\sg  — with new IP addresses that served the users in South East Asia. These IPs were added to Google’s local domains for the users in Vietnam, India, Japan, Singapore, and Pakistan.

As soon as Chinese officials came to know about this leakage, they were quick to identify the IP address and block them again. As a result, most Google services like Gmail, Google search, YouTube remain blocked in China.

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