Google Bags 380% Growth As North American Mobile Shipments Rise

Google shipped around 1.2 million smartphones this quarter.

North American Mobile Shipments Rise
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According to a recent report from a data research firm, “Canalys,” Google saw a massive 380% increase in smartphone shipments yearly in the North American market.

Google has shipped around 1.2 million smartphones during this quarter, capturing a 3% market share compared to 0.2 million shipments held during the same quarter last year, which is great news for the tech giant.

We have recently seen Google being quite aggressive in building its brand reputation in the North American market by establishing a wide carrier presence and spending a huge chunk of money improving the pixel brand. They are also actively advertising on both fronts, through traditional advertising and NBA partnerships.

North American Mobile Shipments Rise
Image Credit – Canalys

Not only this, but the report also states that the overall North American market has shown massive growth in the smartphone shipments of Q1 2022.

If we talk about the numbers, the smartphone market grew by 4% and shipped around 39 million smartphones compared to the 37.6 million shipped in the same quarter last year.

This is quite interesting as, despite the trend of decreasing smartphone shipments throughout the globe, the North American market is showing significant growth.

Meanwhile, Apple took the top spot by capturing a 51% market share and grew by 19% YoY, shipping around 19.9 million units. Samsung took the second spot by shipping around 10.5 million units within only 1% YoY growth.

Another company that has shown significant growth is Lenovo (Including the Motorola brand), shipping around 4 million units this quarter compared to 2.6 million units in the same quarter of 2021. Thanks to its wide carrier presence and new supply partnerships, the company achieved this number.

North American Mobile Shipments Rise
Image Credit – Canalys

The Canalys report also suggests a slight increase in carrier rates due to inflation in the United States. Companies are offering high discounts and trade-in values to retain customers.



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