Google Assistant Could Soon Get A “Face Match” Feature

Google Assistant
Image: Shutterstock

Google could soon change the way we get our tasks completed through Assistant-enabled devices.

The latest beta update of the Google app hints at the introduction of Face Match feature which will scan your face to recognize you and fetch personalized results accordingly.

This method could potentially turn into an alternative to voice matching while using Assistant to get personalized search results. The code references of this feature were found in the Google app v9.10 beta update by XDA Developers.

While a detailed description is currently unavailable, but the codes suggest that the Assistant-enabled system would require training and multiple devices could also be added.

In comparison to other companies, which limit your face profile to one gadget citing security reasons, you would be able to use this face profile in multiple devices. Additionally, it would allow you to invite other people as well to create multiple profiles on one system.

There is no word on when Face Match feature could arrive for users (if it does at all) but the lack of images or other content in the code suggests that we won’t be seeing it any time soon.

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