Google AR Glasses Patent Shows It Will Understand In-Air Gestures

Have a glimpse at Google's latest Patent for gesture based AR glasses!

Google AR Glasses Patent Shows It Will Understand Mid-Air Gestures
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What do we need more of in today’s day and age, AR glasses! Patents show brand new Google AR glasses. there has been a rush to make the best-augmented reality glasses out there. Companies like Apple, Facebook, and Google are keenly focused on developing them.

Companies are working on interfaces that can possibly be synced up with in-air hand or finger gestures to control UIs, move virtual objects, and more. We have seen multiple patents over the years for a concept like this but no prototype yet.

Patents show gesture-based Google AR glasses!

There is a newly published Google patent from Europe titled “Gesture-Triggered Augmented Reality,”. Google engineering teams are working hard to create AR Glasses that will work with accessory devices which might include a smartwatch, smart band, smart earbuds, and possibly many more.

Google has been pushing its boundaries to create its own ecosystem just like an apple. Launching a variety of products and services integrating well within their product lineup. So this might end up seeing the light of day. Google is great at keeping the innovation wheel running.

Workings of the glasses

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Patents and prototypes are quite different from one another. However, Google AR glasses patent application describes a lot of info. An augmented reality (AR) system that includes one head-mounted computing device.

The patent is showing a computing device that includes a processor. And is configured by software instructions. To receive a trigger signal and to let the computing device detect an AR-initiation gesture. The processor can configure the camera of the head-mounted computing device from the Off mode to the ON mode.

Further, a lot of gesture data will be collected by the device. Let’s hope it becomes a reality. As it would be an absolute treat for the enthusiasts. are you excited to see such an AR glass? comment below.

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