Android Password less login

Managing password has always been a menace. Although password managers save us from the trouble of remembering passwords for different websites, not all of us use such tools.

Now, Google and FIDO Alliance, the consortium that provides open and free authentication standards, are bringing password-less logins to Android devices. They have announced today that Android has an added certified support for the FIDO2 standard.

Android already supports FIDO standards that allow users to login into apps using different authentication methods including fingerprint or hardware dongles. These new standards will be applicable to all the devices running Android 7.0 and above.

With FIDO2, password-less logins will also be available in mobile browsers like Chrome in addition to apps. This will reduce the manual efforts required to type in your password every time you log in to a website.

With this announcement, web developers can design their websites to support Android’s FIDO2 management infrastructure. Developers can also add different FIDO2 authentication methods depending upon their product.

All the methods would require user participation like biometric scan or hardware dongle to deploy additional protection against phishing.

Andrew Shikiar, CMO of FIDO Alliance, said, “We got to the point where it was implemented in browsers, but now we’re seeing FIDO technology sedimented in an even broader user base.

Thus, we’re now one step closer to a future where passwords do not exist.

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