Learn Neural Networks In A Fun And Open Source Way With Google AI Experiments


Short Bytes: Google has introduced some AI Experiments to teach you more about neural networks in a fun manner. These experiments let you doodle, create music, take pictures etc. to become a part of these AI-based web experiments. You can try it out, download the open source code, or submit your own Google AI Experiment entries.

In its top 10 strategic technology trends for the year 2017, unsurprisingly, Gartner put AI and advanced machine learning at the top. Just like other tech giants, Google is doing a staggering amount of work in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence. It’s using them to make its products smarter and better.

For a usual technology user, the concepts of AI and machine learning are often very erudite. So, to help the people know more about them, Google has collected some interesting demos and placed them at its Google AI Experiments showcase.

Google introduces AI Experiments as a way to “explore machine learning by playing with pictures, language, music, code, and more.” As you open the AI Experiment page, you’ll see different experiments. Let’s tell you more about them–

Quick, Draw! gives you a drawing prompt of a written text in the under 20 seconds. As you keep making your doodle, it keeps guessing the drawing. It’s my favorite AI Experiment and here are my terrible doodles:


Giorgio Cam identifies the pictures taken by the camera of your device and blurps them out in the form of rhymes. If you’re using your smartphone, give it a try.

Infinite Drum Machine and Bird Sounds are a couple of other sound-based experiments that are fun to use. There are some more experiments whose code you can download and give them a try.

You can find all the Google AI Experiments here. Just in case you’re having something worth sharing, feel free to submit it here.

Did you find Google AI Experiments interesting? Don’t forget to drop your feedback in the comments section below.

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