Google Ads Gets Massive Update: AR Search, Loyalty Benefits, And More


Google Ads has set the bar for advertising in today’s digital age. Businesses around the world are relying more and more on these adverts. Google held its annual Marketing Live event unveiling a slew of updates to its ad products.

Google’s annual Marketing Live event revolved around how to make marketing better for business. “With the right tools, you can meet your customers,” said the company. Here’s everything advertisers need to know from the event.

What Google ads announcements were made?

Google Ads Get Massive Update: AR Search, Loyalty Benefits, And More
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The announcements from the event are heavy on automation, Performance Max and even YouTube Shorts. Google is helping more advertisers try its most automated campaign type, Performance Max.

Enhancements in Performance Max

  • In-store goals
  • Burst campaigns for seasonal foot traffic
  • ‘Experiment tools’ to help test potential lift
  • More insights
  • Support for Search 360 and the Google Ads app
  • Recommendations for Optimization score

Google Ads on YouTube shorts

YouTube shorts has been a great marketing tool with the widely popular short-form video content. The advertisers currently running video action campaigns and app campaigns will have ads automatically scale to fit YouTube shorts. Although Shorts are limited to a 1-minute length, advertisers make ample use of them via a confined creative video.

Google Ads Get Massive Update: AR Search, Loyalty Benefits, And More
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A big, bold new ad display pairs with regular shopping results. This might give you a highly visual shopping experience. It’s limited to apparel brands and will be available through Search and Performance Max campaigns.

Google Ads Get Massive Update: AR Search, Loyalty Benefits, And More
image credit: google

3D models of products

As AR is getting popular with every passing day shopping would benefit from it. Merchants can “soon” make 3D models of their products that would appear directly on the search engine results pages. Customers will be presented with fun and intuitive 3D Google Ads, making it quite engaging. Not much information was provided regarding this program.

Google Ads Get Massive Update: AR Search, Loyalty Benefits, And More
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Insights page updates

The insight page is getting redesigned with a new attribution section. It will show advertisers a better view of what drove conversions within the accounts. Going through the numbers is what makes Google Ads applicable to advertisers.

According to Google, there will be a new budget insight. It may help you to identify opportunities to optimize ad spending. This feature will show how spend is pacing against performance. It will be one of Google’s decision-making puzzles.

Google Ads Get Massive Update: AR Search, Loyalty Benefits, And More
image credit: google

Loyalty program ads integration

Advertisers that use Performance Max along with a product feed will be able to drive more loyalty sign-ups across YouTube, Display, Search, Discover, Gmail, and Maps, said Google.

Although this sounds interesting on paper, there will be a lot that goes into the execution of this program. Advertisers with shopping feed generally look to drive revenue from ads, not sign-ups.

Video ads in Discover

Video advertisers may rejoice as the announcement of video ads showing directly in Discover is a great rendition. This is great as Discover features many videos in the feed currently. Discover has bold eye-catching images and the video should be great too.

Google Audiences for Connected TVs

Advertisers will soon be able to use connected TV campaigns to target viewers across YouTube. This exciting new feature will bring affinity, in-market, and demographic audience segments to connected TVs.

Enhanced Conversions for additional channels

Enhanced Conversions for Leads is a new offline conversion import feature that creates a secure connection between leads and funnels progression. Later this year, Google Ads will provide a new Lead Funnel report to assist visualize the lead progression.

Google also showed some other developments like Checkout on Merchant, Asset Library availability for all advertisers, and YouTube video creation in 60 seconds. Some of the items released may have a major impact on advertisers, resulting in better marketing.

Comments your thoughts on these new Google Ads developments.

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