Say Goodbye To Emulators: Mirroid Can Fulfill All Your Demands


Emulators have become quite fashionable these days since they are considered the best way to use Android apps on PC and offer many benefits directly to users.

However, please take a minute to think about this question “Does emulator really make your life more convenient?” The truth is unless you are an Android developer, all the benefits of an emulator can also be provided by other software, in this case, Mirroid.

The Advantages of Mirroid Comparing to Emulators

Mirroid is a phone mirroring software that allows users to mirror their Android phone to the computer screen and control their phone over the computer. However, unlike the normal phone mirroring software, Mirroid has many incredible features such as key mapping. We will get to that later.

Lite and no lag. As many geeks and gamers know, all emulators require to use Virtualization Technology in Windows OS which means they will take up a considerable CPU and RAM to run. With the increase of usage time the emulator will become a liability to your computer and slow it down. In contrast, as a phone mirroring software, Mirroid allows you to play mobile games on PC without lags and taking up too many CPU and RAM.

Risk-free for getting banned by games. More and more mobile games are starting to detect and ban emulators these day such as Pokemon Go, KartRider Rush+, and MLB 9 Innings 20. Even for PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, and Call of Duty Mobile will detect emulator and only allow emulator players matching up with each other which make users hard to find a match. However, with mirroid, you can still play these games on PC without getting banned or differential treatment.

Easy to use. Emulators can be tricky for most first-timers. You need to learn how to assign CPU and RAM to emulators and their complex system settings. For Mirroid, you just need to connect your phone to the computer, then you are all set. All the functions in Mirroid are practical and understandable.

Play Mobile Games on Mirroid with Key Mapping on A Bigger Screen

Mirroid features the key mapping function to allow gamers to control the characters with keyboard and mouse which make it easier for the control and precise strikes. Imagine you are playing Fortnite, KartRider Rush+, or Mobile Legends: Bang Bang on your computer while your opponents holding a phone in a corner with a tiny screen and crushed by you. Isn’t that funny to think about?


The Best Visual Experience For Movies and TV Series

Mirroid offers you the best visual experience by changing the frame rate when watching movies and TV series. When you mirror your phone to the computer screen, you can rotate the phone screen and maximum the window, luckily, thanks to the high frame rate, you are able to enjoy a visual feast with Mirroid. Make your Netflix and Disney+ membership well worth it!


Useful Tool For Video and Photo Editing

With the rise of vlog and TikTok, video editing – the thing that used to be conducted on computer now become more common for mobile phones. With Mirroid, you can operate the video editor app such as Clipping – Video editor, YouCut, Adobe Premiere Rush, and KineMaster on the computer screen. It can help you achieve 100% precise control to the content especially if you have clumsy fingers.


In conclusion, Mirroid is designed to make your life more convenient. It can certainly make up the deficiencies of the emulators. If you are a passionate gamer or a lifehacker, why not give it a go?

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