Golden Kamuy Season 4 Release Date & Time: Can I Watch It For Free?

The hunt for more tattooed convicts continues in Russia.

Golden Kamuy Season 4 Release Date & Time: Can I Watch It For Free?
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Golden Kamuy Season 4 is the latest installment of the epic historical Seinen anime based on the manga by Satoru Noda. The plot is about Saichi Sugimoto, a war veteran who goes on a journey with an Ainu called Asirpa to find an unimaginable amount of gold. This gold can only be found with the help of following a map of tattoos, ones located on the skin of a group of escaped convicts.

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We have seen their journey across 3 seasons in 36 episodes with some of the most insane storylines and action this medium has to offer. The season 3 finale finally saw the group reunite after getting separated in an action-packed and emotional climax. Now in season 4, they will be heading to Russia to find the next tattooed convict and continue the hunt for the gold.

So, if you are a fan of this anime, you probably cannot wait to watch it. To make sure you don’t miss it, we will be going over all that you need to know to stream the premiere. And while we’re at it, we will also talk about streaming it for free too. And while you’re at it, you can also check out our guide on Uzaki-Chan Wants To Hang Out Season 2 as well. Now, without further ado, let’s talk about Golden Kamuy.

Golden Kamuy Season 4 release date & time: Where to watch it online?

Golden Kamuy Season 4 Release Date & Time: Can I Watch It For Free?
Image Credit: Brain’s Base

The first episode of season 4 is set to premiere on October 3, 2022. And the release time for it is going to be 11:00 pm JST. Now fans of this anime may already know this, but just to remind you, this anime is available on three platforms. These are Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Amazon Prime Video. Make sure to check all these platforms in case one of them is not available in your region.

Can I watch Golden Kamuy Season 4 for free online?

All the services mentioned above are premium services. So, to watch the new season premiere for free, first check which of the three platforms you are watching it on. If you’re on Crunchyroll, there is no way to watch this anime for free on it. But the other two platforms do have a free trial for its new users.

So just opt for the free trial on Amazon Prime Video or Funimation and watch the new episode on it completely for free. Moreover, you can also check out the previous seasons, as well as a ton of other awesome shows as well on it.

And there you have it. What do you think is waiting for Sugimoto and others in Russia? Do you think the other groups hunting for gold are going to show up too? What about the sniper that somehow survived after the third season’s finale? Let us know your thoughts and expectations in the comments below.

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