God Of War Series To Skip First 3 Games And Adapt Norse Storyline Instead

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God Of War Series To Skip First 3 Games And Adapt Norse Storyline Instead
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The God of War game series is one of the most popular video game franchises ever created. Beginning in 2005, the series has received widespread critical acclaim as well as enormous financial success, selling over 52 million copies. The 2018 sequel received similar acclaim. The 2022 sequel, God of War: Ragnarok, was a top contender on several Game of the Year lists. The Amazon Prime Video God of War show has been officially announced in co-production with Sony Pictures Television and PlayStation Productions. Fans of the game franchise will undoubtedly enjoy this, and Amazon has provided some insight into the new series.

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God of War live-action adaptation to follow its Norse storyline

According to a new report by Variety, the show will skip the first three games in the series, instead focusing on Kratos and Atreus’ adventures. The first seven games in the God of War series centered on Kratos and his vengeance against the Greek gods. But later games in the series took a different turn. Kratos’ next assault on the gods would see him lash out against the Norse gods, having raised a son in a Norse-inspired setting.

The new setting and its new cast of villains marked a significant change for the franchise, which helped it achieve great success. So, it’s not surprising that Amazon would want to replicate that change. The Norse saga in God of War is superior to the Greek because it provided real development for Kratos in a completely tangible way, as he could easily be compared to his son. According to Variety, the head of global television at Amazon Studios said:

“’God of War’ is a compelling, character-driven franchise that we believe will captivate our global customers as much with its expansive and immersive worlds as its rich storytelling. We are honored to share in the adventure of exploring the God of War mythology in such a momentous way with Sony Pictures Television, PlayStation Productions, and Santa Monica Studio.”

Everything we know so far

Details about Amazon’s God of War are already beginning to emerge. Amazon has announced earlier that it will be led by Wheel of Time showrunner Rafe Judkins. The show will be based on the most popular 2018 game from Santa Monica Studios. The show will feature direct aftermath of the death of Atreus’ mother and Kratos’ wife, Faye. Kratos had a bloody and battle-filled past in ancient Greece. And the god of war now seeks a new path, laying down his weapons to live peacefully in the Norse realm of Midgard with his wife, Faye, and son, Atreus.

His wife, however, dies soon after, and Kratos and his son set out to fulfil her final wish: to scatter her ashes from the tallest peak. This new adventure will pit Kratos against new opponents and monsters, as well as put him on a collision course with the new gods of this realm. Certain things will never change. The adventure will also put his bond with his son to the test.

As far as the casting for God of War, it is yet to be announced. However, The God of War television series already has a large pool of well-known muscular actors to choose from. This includes Dave Bautista and Jason Momoa, so casting Kratos shouldn’t be too challenging. Casting Kratos for the God of War show is unlikely to be tough, considering the show already has a plethora of popular muscular actors like Dave Bautista and Jason Momoa to draw from.

Atreus, on the other hand, could be challenging due to imposed constraints for young actors. Nonetheless, Amazon found a quality actor in Bella Ramsey to play Ellie in The Last of Us. So, there is no reason to doubt the company. Casting information is expected to be released soon now that the show has been formally confirmed. So, keep an eye out to see how God of War will develop from here.

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