Go And Python: Top Programming Languages Developers Want To Learn


According to HackerRank’s recent Developer Skills 2020 report, the top programming languages that developers are interested in learning next are Go and Python.

For the report, HackerRank conducted a survey where over 116,000 developers participated from 162 countries. This report sheds light on the recent trends in software development, programming languages, coding boot camps, and more.

Go and Python: Most desired programming languages

Even though Google’s programming language Go is not in the top-10 list of the most popular programming languages, but it is one language that developers are highly interested to learn.

About 36% of developers want to learn Go as their next programming language. It is the third time in a row when Go has been named #1 language by developers as their most preferred language to learn.

Go has seen increasing popularity since its release in 2009, mostly because of its adoption and promotion by Google for Android app development.

It is not the first time tech giants like Google have driven language adoption. For instance, Twitter also boosted Scala when it outgrew Ruby on Rails, and Apple did the same for Swift when it moved away from Objective-C.

The second spot on this list was taken by Python, with 28% devs looking at it as their next stop.

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Other highly sought after languages that found a place on the learning priority list include Kotlin, the popular language among Android app developers, on the third spot.

The fourth position was taken by the Microsoft-created Typescript, which is a superset of JavaScript.  Meanwhile, R, a popular language popular among data scientists, was ranked as the fifth language.

The remaining top 10 desired languages are Scala, Swift, Rust, Ruby, and JavaScript.

Developers are also learning React, AngularJS, and Django

As far as frameworks are concerned, React is the one most developers want to learn — with about 32% of participants choosing React as the framework they’re learning next.

AngularJS and Django take the other two positions in the top 3. About 28% say they plan to learn AngularJS, whereas 26% say they’re learning Django.

In fact, these three frameworks are also in the top five that hiring managers look forward to.

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