GNOME Launches ‘Coding Education Challenge’ With Up To $100K Prize


GNOME Foundation has partnered up with Endless to launch a new ‘Coding Education Challenge’ for budding programmers.

The competition aims to encourage new projects that would offer innovative ideas to educators and students to promote coding around free/open-source software.

Endless has issued $500,000 in funding to support the prizes. The prize money will be awarded to teams who progress through the three stages of the Coding Education Challenge.

Details of Coding Education Challenge

Anyone can participate in GNOME Foundation’s coding competition. All the individual and team participants will be judged through three levels of the competition.

Initially, 20 winners will be selected from an open call for ideas. Each of them will receive $6,500 in prize money.

Next, these winners will advance to a proof-of-concept round where they develop a working prototype based on their ideas. 5 winners will be selected in this round and awarded $25,000 each.

They will, then, progress to the final round where they’d have to turn the prototype into an end product. Here, the final winner will receive a prize of $100,000. The first runner-up will get a prize of $25,000.

Ensuring the future of open-source software ecosystem

Matt Dalio, the founder of Endless, hopes this $500,000 grant will help students and teachers to conceive new ideas in programming.

“We’re eager to see the various ways that the GNOME Foundation and the wider community will create pathways for people into the world of free and open-source software,” Dalio said.

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