Gmail End-To-End Encryption Is Here

Your emails got more secure!

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Google offers E2EE for Google Drive, Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Google Meet, and Google Calendar (beta) users. But the Gmail End-to-end Encryption feature is now coming to Gmail too. It is an elaborate process to set up the encryption for a Gmail workspace, but once you do, Google cannot decrypt the messages you send to someone.

The official blog post announcing the feature describes that only the email body and attachments, including inline images, are covered under encryption. Meanwhile, the email header, including the subject, timestamps, and recipients lists, does not fall under this new E2EE protection.

When will you get Gmail End-to-end Encryption?

The feature is currently under best test, and you must fill out an application to try out the new feature. Google advises the admins to prepare the account before filing their application to access the feature. First, you must launch the Google Cloud Console and create a new GCP project with the Gmail API enabled. Once done, you have to grant your service account domain-wide access and create the test group of users for Gmail CSE. You can find a step-by-step guide on Google’s official blog.

Gmail End-to-end Encryption
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Users can simply toggle the E2EE for every mail that they send. Gmail End-to-end Encryption isn’t available for everyone. Currently, only Google Workspace Enterprise Plus, Education Plus, and Education Standard customers can access the feature. The last date to apply for the beta is January 20, 2023. If you own a personal Gmail account, you cannot try this feature as of now.

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