GitHub’s Very Own Hackable Text Editor Atom Hits 1.0, Get it Now



About eighteen months ago, GitHub launched its homegrown text editor named Atom. Atom was a result of about six years of research and was available to the users with the beta status.

Today, GitHubs hackable text editor is graduating and hitting 1.0. Atom has already been downloaded more than 1.3 million times and has more than 350,000 active users. To add more to its glory, Atom has pushed forward 155 releases and brought tons of functionalities to its inventory.

Atom is completely open-source and has been dubbed as “a hackable text editor for the 21st century.”

The new version of GitHub’s text editor Atom has brought significant performance upgrades and brings stability to the app with focus on scrolling-typing experience and start times.

With Atom, GitHub wanted to bring a text editor to an elementary school student who will welcome Atom and stay with it as he/she will develop into a seasoned hacker. Another notable aspect of Atom is its huge user community that has published over 2090 Atom extensions and 667 themes. Recently Facebook released its own Nuclide IDE text editor, a forked version of Atom.


The 1.0 version number has been awarded to Atom because now the project’s core is considered stable. The GitHub team says the same: “Until now, work has largely gone into defining the 1.0 foundation. Now that the foundation is stable, we can shift our efforts to reaching the full potential of the platform.”

The team behind Atom promises that it will continue to bring improvements to all aspects of the text editor that includes performance, user-experience, and international support.

All over the internet, there are countless number of text editors promising to provide the same kind of experience, but as TechCrunch notes, none of them have a community as active as Atom to develop and achieve these targets.

Get Atom 1.0 here.

Which text editor do you prefer? Tell us in comments in below.

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