GitHub Launches GitHub Desktop, Here’s How to Get It Right Now


github desktop

Short Bytes: GitHub, the most popular code repository and collaboration tool built on Git version control, today announced – GitHub for Mac and Windows with a unified experience across both platforms. Read below to know more about how to get it.

Github Desktop is currently available on Mac and Windows and we are expecting they will release a Linux version soon. Since Linux users don’t really care much about GUI stuff, so the first cut is not available on Linux platform as an obvious decision. The primary purpose of building and releasing GitHub Desktop is to provide developers a unified workflow where they manage the complete lifecycle of their project which includes cloning repos, creating branches, committing changes and sharing code with fellow developers.

To install GitHub Desktop on your Mac or Windows system, download it from here and run the installer. Working with GitHub Desktop is no different than the command line. Moreover, it gives you a visual snapshot of your repo which is truly exciting. You don’t relly need to go to GitHub main site anymore to manage your project.

This is the second big release of any project by GitHub this year. In June 2015, they had released Atom 1.0, GitHub’s very own hackable Text Editor. We request developers to download and try out GitHub Desktop and share your views in the comments below.

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