Git Stats — Cool Visualisations For Local Git Statistics With Contribution Calendars


Short Bytes: Git Stats is a command line tool, which lets a developer see the contribution percentages of project contributors, see global or user commit activity, filtered by date and other options. To use this tool, you need nodejs and npm installed on your system. You can visit git-stats GitHub repository to see all the options.

Github user IonicaBizau, made this awesome tool called git-stats. Git Stats lets you see useful git statistics like percentage of contribution of the project contributors, overall GitHub calendar like activity on the command line. 

To use it you need nodejs and npm installed on your system (npm is automatically installed when you install nodejs).

You could either install it in any git project, locally, or do a global install via npm.

npm i -g git-stats

Then you could run —

git-stats -h

It’ll show you what flags and options you could use Git Stats with.

For example, to see all the authors of ui-element-samples google repository, cd into the repository and type —

git-stats --authors

Here, you’ll get a cute little retro looking command line pie chart, and contributors’ percentage of contributions.

Git Stats: Authors

If we do —

git-stats -g

Here, Git Stats shows the global activity calendar in the repository that you are in.

Git Stats: Global Statistics

There are many other options that you can use such as —

git-stats -s '1 January 2017'

It will show you all the commits since Jan 1, 2017, in the GitHub looking calendar.

Similarly, there’s an –until option.

  -u, --until <date>     Optional end date.

You could switch to light theme using this command

-l, --light            Enables the light theme.

Git Stats works fine in terminal emulators supporting ANSI styles. It should work fine on Linux and OS X.

If you run Git Stats on display graph on Windows, please use a terminal that can properly display ANSI colors. Windows Command Prompt and Git Bash wouldn’t work.

To know all the options visit git-stats github repository.

Share with us how your commits look in the calendar, in your git project!

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