Get Android Q’s Focus Mode On Any Android Phone Now: Here’s How


Previously, I told you guys how to get Google’s Digital Wellbeing feature on non-Pixel smartphones with the use of the ActionDash app. The app has now received a new update, which has brought forth a new feature, existing in Android Q’s Digital Wellbeing.

ActionDash’s updated version 3.0 has a new feature called Focus Mode, which allows users to further limit their smartphone usage by locking themselves out of various apps.

Focus mode (a key feature in Android Q’s updated Digital Wellbeing) will lock users out of certain apps marked as distracting. This new feature will ensure that users don’t go on using the apps unnecessarily, especially in their free time (we all do that!).

How To Enable Focus Mode?

  • Install and open the ActionDash app.


  • Select the Focus Mode feature under the Ways to disconnect option in the first section of the app.


  • Select apps and mark them as distracting apps to get started.

Furthermore, users can limit a particular app’s usage by selecting the new App usage limits option.

As a reminder, ActionDash (developed by Action Launcher) was launched with an aim to bring Digital Wellbeing’s features to all Android smartphones, as the feature is only available for Pixel devices and Android One smartphones.

The app lets users keep track of their smartphone usage by telling them about the total smartphone usage, the number of notifications received by the total app launches, and the number of times a user has unlocked the device.

Additionally, the app comes with Dark mode and many more features that can be customized.

The ActionDash feature is available for Android users to download via the Google Play Store.

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