Cybersecurity Breakthrough — A New Way To Generate Pure Random Numbers


random numberShort Bytes: Using “masterpiece”, a new method to generate random numbers by the scientists at the university of Austin, random numbers could be generated using lesser computational effort. This is so because masterpiece uses weakly linked random numbers than pure random numbers.

The computer scientists at the university of Texas have come up with a new method of generating truly random numbers which can further advance the cryptography technique. This method of generating random numbers is called “masterpiece”.

On top of that, this new method of generating  random numbers take less computational effort than the other methods.

Working of Masterpiece, the random numbers generator:

This random number generating algorithm uses two random sequences of the numbers which are weakly connected and turns them into one sequence of truly random numbers.

These weakly random sequences could be anything from real-life scenarios like humidity percentage or internet domain registered every day sampled over time.

However, these data still can show a predictable pattern. But, a truly random sequence generated out of these data will have no predictable pattern about them.

Until now, the previous versions of random number generators used or required one of the two sources to be truly random, sometimes even the both sources. But, masterpiece strips these restrictions and uses only weakly linked sequences.

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That’s why masterpiece, because of the weakly linked sequences, produces high-quality random numbers with lesser effort.

It should be noted that random numbers are used in cryptography, a branch of computer science which deals with secure connection and data encryption in the presence of adversaries.

Thus, random numbers are used in military communication, encryption key sharing etc. Since the random numbers generated are highly computational intensive, they also take a lot of time in being decrypted and this method of the random generation called “masterpiece” will surely ease the process of generating random numbers.

Read the report, Explicit Two-Source Extractors and Resilient Functions, here.

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