Gartner And IDC Stats Clash On Q2 2022 Apple Mac Shipments

But how can there be so much difference?

Research firms data vary for Mac shipments
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Apple products usually end up setting industry trends, but this time it seems like the industry is a bit confused. Recently, there has been a conflict in Q2 2022 stats of Apple’s Mac shipment between Gartner and IDC, two of the biggest tech research and consulting firms.

Patently Apple has posted up to 594 reports on different Apple statistics, and it has never recorded a conflict between Gartner and IDC on a particular topic of the global Mac shipments before this incident.

Previously today, Patently Apple reported that the Q2 2022 PC shipments in which Apple’s Mac shipments crashed by 22.5% as per IDC. In contrast, Gartner reports that the Apple Mac shipments grew by around 9.3%, which is higher than the top 5 PC vendors.

Q2 2022 stats: Apple and other brands

According to the numbers, Lenovo leads the chart, recording 20,419 2Q21 shipments, although the growth is -12.5%. H.P. Inc trails behind with 18,617 shipments and a -27.5% growth, and then comes Dell at 14,035 shipments and a -5.2% growth. Finally, Apple recorded 5822 2Q21 shipments and a growth of 9.3%.

Whereas IDC presented the global P.C. sector decline of around 15.3%, Gartner claims that the decline was actually 12.6%.

Although the top three vendors of the PC market globally saw a decline in shipments during the second quarter of 2022, their ranking stayed unchanged. The combination of Dell declining 5.2% and H.P. declining 27.5% allows Dell to move in the 0.3 percentage points of H.P. inside the market share. Apple remained the only vendor to experience growth in the second quarter of the year due to the popularity of the M1 device.

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Regional Overview

As per Gartner, the U.S. PC market saw a decline of 17.5% during the second quarter of 2022. Though the market witnessed a shipment growth in laptops and PCs (without Chromebooks), the growth was balanced via a 50% yearly decline in Chromebook shipments.

Dell remains at the top of the U.S. PC market by capturing a 27.2% market share. Despite suffering a decline of around 43.5%, H.P. remains at the second spot with a 22.3% market share. Apple is at the fourth spot with 19.5% recorded growth.

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