Gaming-Focused WonderOS To Allow PC And Console Streaming On Android


The gaming-focused WonderOS is finally in active development after tip-toeing for several years. The operating system belongs to the startup “Wonder”. According to the company’s CEO, Wonder is an “all-in-one” gaming platform. Almost everyone currently working on the team has a rich experience in the gaming industry.

According to its website, Wonder currently has ex-employees from Google, Microsoft, SEGA, Razer, Xbox, Sony, etc. Together, the team wants to transform your Android smartphone into the only device you’ll ever play games on.

WonderOS: What is it and how does it work?

Gaming-Focused WonderOS Release Date

WonderOS, currently in development, is a full-fledged gaming operating system. It is built on the Android operating system, so it’ll likely have the same level of flexibility.

WonderOS will work by streaming your PC and Console games on your mobile. In addition to this, it will also run all the Android games available in the Play Store.

The idea of WonderOS sounds simple enough. We have a ton of hardware, be it our PC, our Xbox or our PlayStation; the WonderOS game streaming will simply make use of their hardware processing power to let you play games on your mobile.

The Wonder startup also says that users will be able to stream on their TV using their smartphone. So essentially the gaming hardware will do the processing and stream it on your mobile which will also stream on your TV.

I mean it’s kind of redundant because most TVs nowadays have an HDMI output and almost any console or PC can be hooked straight into it. However, the idea of converting my Android smartphone into a portable console for streaming AAA titles sounds pretty good.

According to the site’s FAQ page, WonderOS wants to act as an aggregator. The statement reads, “We are not looking to replace others, but aggregate and centralize everything in one place.”

Is WonderOS Better Than Other Game Streaming Apps On The Market?

Gaming-Focused WonderOS Gamepad Dock

The simple answer is no. WonderOS is not currently available for testing so anything regarding its functionality can’t be said. Furthermore, currently, several game-streaming services are already available.

We have the Steam Link app for streaming your PC library on Android and iOS devices. Microsoft has its own streaming service for PCs wherein Xbox users can stream “play-anywhere” digital games on Windows 10.

Microsoft will also release the xCloud in the near future. It will be a service to allow Xbox games to be played on any device with a screen. The same concept of “Play games on any device” is also being utilized by Google Stadia, which will start offering its services around the end of 2019.

The fundamental difference between these services and WonderOS will be the sheer size and flexibility of things. According to the website, games on every platform will be available to stream via WonderOS.

Wonder is also planning to offer a dedicated Wonder Gamepad and a Wonder Dock. When launched, the WonderOS will be completely free, however, a paid version will also be available for download featuring extra perks and benefits.

We’ll be following Wonder for more information so stay tuned for any new updates.

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