Gamer Shows How To Complete Fallout 4 Without Killing Anyone


Fallout-4-gamer-killingShort Bytes: If you remember, few months ago, Fallout 4 director hinted that the new instalment will allow players to adopt a less violent path in the game. A gamer decided to go a little too far and successfully completed the Fallout 4 without killing anyone. Read the article to know more and watch the video.

Ever since Fallout 4 was launched, it has captured the headlines due to many not-so-obvious reasons. While it was one of the best game releases of 2015, it inspired a gamer to create real Fallout 4 laser gun and another to sue the gaming studio. In the latest Fallout 4 news, a gamer has shown us how to beat the Fallout 4 game without killing a single person.

Before its release, the creators said that Fallout 4 will allow players to follow a less violent path in the wasteland. It looks like Kyle Hinckley took this advice too seriously and cleared the entire game on Survival mode on the hardest difficulty.

This pacifist run comes from Kyle Hinckley, who runs a YouTube channel called The Weirdest. Explaining the meaning of a pacifist playthrough, he says that the game registers kills if a weapon you were holding led to the death of another person.

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If you are acquainted with Fallout 4 gameplay, you would be aware of the fact that to clear a certain stage, you need to kill six people. Kyle found a way to bypass it by joining a certain faction.

It should be noted that as Hickley went ahead on his bloodless run, glitches started to appear in the game with enemies appearing out of nowhere.

Take a look at the final video of that proves his claims:

Add your views about this feat achieved by the Fallout 4 gamer in the comments below.

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