Game Thrones Season 7 Summary, Episode 5 Script, And HBO Emails Leaked; Hackers Demanding Millions

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Short Bytes: One week after the original HBO hack, the hackers have leaked a second round of sensitive files. The leak includes Game Of Thrones Season 7 summary, Episode 5 script, and emails of HBO executives. Hackers have also demanded a multi-million dollar ransom to prevent further leaks.
(Update: The personal phone numbers and emails of Game of Thrones stars, including Peter Dinklage, Lena Headey, Emilia Clark, and others, have also been leaked.)

Last week, unknown hackers were able to break the servers of HBO and steal various unreleased episodes and scripts of different TV shows, including Game Of Thrones Season 7. It was followed by the leak of Episode 4 from different sources.

One week after the leak, the hackers have leaked a second round of files. They’ve posted an online link to a cache of internal documents. The material was first received by The Hollywood Reporter in an email message with nine files with labels like “Confidential” and “Script GOT7.”

Specifically, the Season 7 summary, GOT S07E05 script and “castings, script summaries, and marketing materials” were received in the email.

Moreover, the hackers have also delivered a video message to HBO CEO Richard Plepler and said that they’ve been able to breach HBO’s networks after 6 months.

In the letter, the hackers have demanded a multi-million ransom from the network to prevent the release of complete TV series and other information. They’ve claimed that HBO is their 17th hacking target and only 3 of them have failed to pay.

HBO has said that the forensic review is going on. The company is working around the clock with law enforcement agencies and cyber security firms to investigate.

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