Galaxy S7 Edge Teardown Shows Samsung’s New Phones Are Harder To Repair Than Ever


galaxy s6 edge teardownShort bytes:, the web portal that says ‘Repair is Noble’ gives an insight to Samsung’s 2016 flagship latest phone Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, the latest descendant of Samsung’s S-series, through a teardown.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is the latest new face from the reputed tech firm, it is in fact the curved screen variant of Galaxy S7, announced in Feb 2016 and released on March 11. And the fact that the curved tech is quite popular these days, perhaps, inspired, a wiki-based site that aims to revolutionize the current era of DIYs by turning the people into ‘Fixers’ and teaching them to repair almost everything that they own, to give it a teardown and get a deep insight into the tech and its hidden secrets.

iFixit partners with the world’s largest recycler of electronic waste in the world – Electronic Recyclers International (ERI) – and they together make it possible to repair anything and keep the most out of landfills. iFixit has a special corner for teardowns where they provide a look inside a device, their website’s teardown column already features tech classics like Mac Book air, Surface Book, Apple’s smart keypad, Samsung’s smart pencil and so on, while we were talking about the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge teardown. Here are a few interesting findings out of this teardown:

  • The camera bump is noticeably reduced as the aftermath of extra 0.7mm of thickness on the S7 Edge.
  • The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are considerably similar in their design and configuration- they feature the same camera, flash, general construction and even the antenna positions and that makes one muse if only their names make a difference but…
  • The curve boasting Edge is actually a bit less curvy from the behind than its predecessor S7. iFixit points out that the S7’s back mimics the Edge’s front with just a curvaceous rear panel glass.
  • The battery isn’t trapped under the motherboard like it was on S7.
  • The S7 Edge is powered by a massive 3600mAh battery, that is, 20% more capacity than the 3000mAh battery found in the S7 and 30% more than the 2750mAh battery found in the iPhone 6s Plus. Seems as if Samsung got serious over its battery life.
  • The S7 Edge’s highly talked of “liquid cooling thing” is just a gimmick. iFixit found that the Edge’s tiny heat pipe was much similar to the one they found in their Samsung Galaxy S7’s teardown.

The final verdict of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge teardown:

  • Many components of Edge being modular can be replaced independently.
  • The battery, unlike its ancestral S6 Edge, can be removed easily without having to oust the motherboard erstwhile.
  • In case you need to replace the USB port, you have to remove the display.
  • The strong adhesive makes it difficult to get a smooth entry into its belly.
  • You can’t replace the glass without destroying the display.

And thus, its reparability score is 3 out of 10 where 10 happens to be the easiest. In fact, the entire S-line of Samsung is up to this only. The crux, however, is — this edgier sibling of S7 is just display deep edgy and there’s little new in it.

Well, iFixit has much more than to teach you, bestows a platform to open up, experiment, explore and let the world know about your findings, your discoveries. You can even create a repair guide, teardown or a device page and let the world know of your technical intellect.

So, keep looking, keep trying, experiment, explore and do tell us.

Pragati Verma

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