Galaxy Note Series Is Dead In 2021, Samsung Now Loves Galaxy Fold3

Galaxy Note Series Dead

Samsung Unpacked is live now and the South Korean tech giant is all in with its new line of foldable devices: Galaxy Z Fold3 and Galaxy Z Flip3. It’s no doubt the company has stepped further into the future but that comes with saying goodbye to its existing tech.

Samsung didn’t launch the Galaxy Note 2021

Over the years, the Samsung Galaxy Note Series has been in the limelight of the August Unpacked events. But this time the foldable smartphones stole the show and 2020 was probably the last time we saw a new Note device launching.

While Samsung hasn’t said anything in public, the way the company is doing things strongly hints that it has pulled the plug on the Note series.

Galaxy Fold3 supports S-Pen

One of the biggest USPs of the Galaxy Note was the S-Pen, Samsung’s home-baked smart stylus that lets you write on the display and many other tasks.

Now, that functionality is available for the Samsung foldable smartphone, called S-Pen Fold Edition. Without the S-Pen, the Note is almost a Galaxy S series device in terms of hardware.

Samsung Galaxy S Series has got bigger in size

One thing we have observed is that Samsung has increased the screen size of its S series devices. The Galaxy S21 Ultra launched earlier this year with a 6.8-inch Dynamic AMOLED display which is just 0.1-inch smaller than the Note 20 Ultra (6.9-inch).

Moreover, the S21 also supports the S-Pen which acted as one of the few differentiating factors between the two platforms.

Combining all of the info and assumptions we have, it seems that the Galaxy Note series is finally dead. Samsung is now seeing foldable smartphones as the future and hopefully, it will be able to bring down the price tag to compete with the mainstream flagships.

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