Galaxy Note 8 Facial Recognition Is Flawed — A Photo Can Bypass The Security Feature

samsung galaxy note 8
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Short Bytes: Samsung made a whirlpool of changes with the Galaxy Note 8, but, somehow, forgot to improve the facial recognition feature that still haunts millions of Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ users. A dexterous user has found out that the facial recognition of the Galaxy Note 8 is just as flawed as the high-end phones that were released earlier this year. Let us see if Samsung is able to address this issue with a software update, or introduce something better next year starting with the Galaxy S9.

Mel Tajon is a web developer who was clever enough to find a flaw in the Galaxy Note 8 and its facial recognition system. For a phone that will cost you an arm and a leg, Samsung should have made a higher level of effort to address the problem that was earlier found in the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+.

What the individual did was take two Galaxy Note 8 units and held them face to face against one another. One Galaxy Note 8 displayed nothing but the user’s selfie and that was more than enough to the unlock the other phone. If you thought that was the scary bit, Tajon has more information that will lead you to start using a different security feature on the Note 8.

Business Insider states that even low-quality images that users upload on social networks will be able to unlock the feature, meaning that Samsung and its diligent employees need to work round the clock to ensure a security update that will help alleviate these issues in the future.

Tajon also says that it is not significantly crucial that users only resort to using the facial recognition security addition because there are several others to choose from. There is the awkwardly placed fingerprint reader, the iris scanner, and if you feel like unlocking the phone in a casual manner you can always assign a passcode to the Note 8.

Samsung has not provided an explanation for this flaw, but we’re sure that we will hear from them soon enough.

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