Future iPads Could Come With OLED Display, Under-Display TrueDepth Camera & More

Apple’s 2024 OLED iPads will be thinner and lighter

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The iPad is Apple’s trademark product, with more than 60 million units of the device shipped annually. Now, rumors suggest that the tech giant has multiple unique upgrades for the upcoming iPads.

According to display analyst Ross Young, the company could launch a 14.1-inch and 11-inch model with OLED displays. Not just that, but users could also see foldable displays being integrated into the new models.

New displays and TrueDepth camera

The analyst thinks that the 14.1-inch iPad, which will launch in 2023, won’t feature a mini-LED technology but will rather go with the same LCD as the iPad Air. On the other hand, the 11-inch iPad Pro will also use the current display technology, as Apple has no plans of shifting to a mini-LED display or the Liquid Retina XDR.

But there will be a change soon, as the trillion-dollar company could go for OLED displays for both iPads simultaneously in 2024. The OLED iPads will be lightweight and have a better resolution; hence, the company is working on finalizing prototypes of the device with display partners, like Samsung and LG Display, who will supply the panels.

Apple will also go through the iPad OLED dry etching process, under which unnecessary parts will be removed using chemical technology when making TFT circuit patterns. This can make the iPad lighter as well as more durable.

If Apple includes the process, there would be an increase in price. With the expansion of the OLED iPad market, the material parts and equipment industry could benefit largely.

Aside from that, there are several other features that tech enthusiasts could see in the upcoming models, like the under-display TrueDepth camera. This feature could come in the iPad before the iPhone as it is easier to implement under a larger display with low pixels per inch. It will also be more feasible as the iPad is manufactured in lower numbers, and we could see it as soon as next year.

When Samsung launched its foldable smartphone, its eyes turned to Apple to see if it would do the same. However, users haven’t seen such a feature in the iPhone because of the company’s inability to obtain a sufficient volume of the cover glass.

These problems would not arise with a large foldable iPad or MacBook, so a bigger foldable device before a smartphone can’t be ruled out.



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