Future Apple Watch Patent Shows Integrated Camera In The Crown

Future Apple Watch might come with integrated camera.

Apple Watch
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Apple consistently updates its product to provide customers with an impeccable user experience and meet the usage demands. In June 2019, an IP report by Patently Apple stated that Apple Wins a Patent for an Apple Watch Band with a Built-In Rotatable Camera.

TODAY, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office officially granted the company a patent covering an Apple watch with an integrated camera inside the digital crown and more.

The FIG. 3 of the Apple patent below displays an example of an Apple watch (#100) usage with an integrated camera inside the digital crown. The benefit of the gadget is that it will allow you to capture pictures while it is worn on the customer’s wrist.

It will allow the user to point the hand with the watch towards the situation they intend to capture. Otherwise, it will also allow the user to remove the watch to capture a picture easily.

Image Credit: Patentlyapple

In Apple’s patent, FIG. 6 above, we can witness an example of the upcoming watch with its band as the user wears it on the wrist while the watch’s housing is detached from the band while taking a picture.

The Apple watch, to add convenience, offers a release mechanism to remove the watch housing from the inside of the band to capture a picture while the back camera faces the watch housing.

Although, there are plenty of other executions being anticipated, allowing the user to instantly remove the watch housing from the wrist with its band to capture a picture.

Apple patent FIG. 11 provides a cross-section view of the watch with the light emitter configured to illuminate a section for capturing the picture and illuminating the wrist for physiological intuiting.

Image Credit: Patentlyapple

The processing unit patent

Today, Apple has another patent granted for the Apple watch titled “Sensing contact force related to a user wearing an electronic device.” The patent is for a processing unit for the Apple watch that receives a force signal from the force sensor and determines the exact amount of exerted force on the housing component.

The processing unit might use the force to find the band’s tightness and other health stats such as heart rate and pulse. It can also adjust the determined force applied on the cover glass or execute other actions.

Apple also states that the health information will include a body fat indication, blood pressure, allergic reaction indication, swelling indication, hydration indication, edema indication, and more.



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